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Flannel Fabrics’ Yarns
(OpenEnd Soft Twist)

 Quotation : 10 OE ST
 Packing Specification  
 a.  For Exports:  
   Conicity Cheese
   (IDxOD X length) mm 54x60x170
   Net Wt./Cone  (Kg) 2.52

 Packing Type

     No.of Cones/Package 18
     Net Wt./Package  (Kg) 45.36
     No.of Package/FCL 390
     Net Wt./FCL 17690.4

 Packing Type

     No.of Cones/Pallet 540
     Net Wt./Pallet 1.6/864
     No.of Pallets/FCL 20
     Net weight/FCL* 17280
  b.  For Domestic  
   (IDxOD X length) mm 54x60x170
   Net Wt./Cone  (Kg) 2.5
   i.  Packing Type  HDPE Bags
     No. of Cones/Packages 24
     Net Wt/Packages 60

* Including 40 Cartons each of 34.02 kgs. each.


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