Greige fabric Manufacturers in India

At msumindia, We Export & Import assortment of greige fabrics. Greige fabric is otherwise called dark texture and the term dim doesn’t show the shade of the texture yet the completion. This texture is natural or incomplete which hasn’t been colored, faded and handled. It very well may be utilized in the making of upholstery, home material, garments, pieces of clothing from there, the sky is the limit. One more typical term for greige texture is crude texture. We supply woven or weaved greige fabric. Contact Us Immediately for Greige fabric manufacturers in India. These loom state or unfinished fabrics are supplied to process houses for the making of upholstery, home linen, garments and a wide range of other applications. We supply the best and wide variety of export quality greige fabrics and evoke a name of unparalleled trust.

  • Category
  • Approx. Finished width
    56″ to 63″

  • Greige GLM
    Shirting upto 250
    Suiting 250-550

  • Blends
    100% cotton
    Stretch 3-5%
    Cotton blends with Viscoce / Modal etc.
    Cotton with Polyester Filament
    Cotton with Poly Lycra

  • Weaves
    Twills /Drills
    Dobbies (12 Shafts max.)

  • Count Range
    Open end- 7s to 20s
    KW/ CW/CWC 16s to 40s
    Double Yarns 2/16s , 2/20s, 2/30,2/40s
    2/40s Eli Twist
    10/16/20/30/40 Cotton Spandex
    Cotton Slubs 30s and 40s
  • Reed Space
    Maximum 73″

  • Packing
    Roll packing
    Bale Packing
  • Inspection
    American 4 point system

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