Innovative Products

Our consumers are ‘at the heart’ of our company and our ‘best teachers.’ With the help of top-quality manufacturing processes and materials, we elevate our customer’s experience. Our digital transformation will help us further sharpen our brand image and refine our product offerings. This will also help us leverage key partnerships to further enhance our brand credibility. Our sophisticated design and sampling capabilities also help us in achieving a culture of innovation.

Sustainable Products

Our commitment to sustainability is holistic and deeply embedded into how we have done business over the past eight decades. By pushing the boundaries in sustainability, we believe that ‘we have the power to change lives.’ Our initiatives revolve around programs which help us expand and innovate on products that are made from recycled materials, made to be remade or made with natural materials. We define products as sustainable when they show environmental benefits versus conventional products due to materials used or their respective production technologies.

Environmental Initiatives

Our mind-set of innovation crosses all dimensions of our business and we focus on ‘reduce, reuse and recycle.’ To that account we have taken measures like installation of a state of art ETP, MEE and RO Water management system that ensures Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), an in-house 5 MW Solar Capacity as well as a 17 MW of Wind Energy capacity which feeds into the State Grid. These measures complement our production processes delivering state-of-the-art engineering solutions which aren’t just driven by bottom lines and profits, but are able and willing to drive long term environmental impact.

Employee Welfare

At MSUM we understand the importance of Empowerment and Equality. To that extent we strive to foster a culture in which employees always act professionally and conduct business with high integrity and ethics. We believe in equal rights and opportunities for both clients and employees indifferent of their gender, race and social differences. We provide a safe, fulfilling and rewarding work environment for employees and compliment the same with training them for their future development. Over the past 5 years, our ratio of female to male workers has consistently gone up. MSUM never negotiates on its values and this is our key to attract, grow and retain talent.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Our CSR initiatives have over the past 80 years slowly but surely changed lives and help make a difference to the communities around us. Establishing Hospitals, Schools and Colleges and engaging with communities we work in on various initiatives has helped us create long term value for our shareholders. Our goal is to engage with all our stakeholders and transform the communities around us to build a better future.