Our readymade include Masks, Lilly inskirts & Ladies Pants and are known for their unbeatable fabric quality, drape, and sheer durability. These have found multiple applications in everyday dressing.

By having a diverse range of fabrics utilized in new age products our readymades are crafted with the need to aid tailors & provide extra protection to our workmen’s livelihood.

We started with limited capacity but over time owing to the demands, have scaled up to manage any amount of orders. Today, all our production centers are aligned to process quality requirements.

Cotton Re-usable Masks

Our everyday masks are specially designed using two layers of Umaid’s Medtek fabrics.
The outer layer is a 100% cotton breathable fabric specially created to protect the wearer by repelling all airborne moisture/droplets where as the inner layer- a 100% cotton breathable fabric with additional anti bacterial/anti microbial protection.
The Medtek fabric used in the masks makes it safe, washable and effective for up to 50 washes.

Lilly Inskirts

A name that is now a legacy, lily poplin is known for draping and complimenting sarees for the last 50 years. It is a laboratory certified 100% cotton fabric designed for ultimate comfort. Enhancing relaxed movements, these are processed in an eco-friendly processing plant. The Lily inskirts come in a fast color spread of wide range to suit your every mood.

Super Stretch Pants

These pants take comfort notches higher with its intense stretch, detailing and style along with a very contemporary cut that flatters every body type. It makes for everyday wear with its lightness and moisture wicking factor.